Twitter for old people?

This week I went to an event created to bring companies in our province and youngsters find each other. Apparently there are plenty of job opportunities out there but young professionals aren’t being reached. Focus was on social media, from the obvious platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to Snapchat and something else I can’t quite remember, neither of which seems like the obvious choice to establish these relationships. Companies reaching youngsters over Snapchat? Sounded surreal to me. But the most surprising point was made about Twitter.

Students in a panel as well as other young people (in a video) were asked about Twitter and their responses could be summarised in one sentence: ”Twitter is for old people and politicians.” This was strange to me because only a handful of years ago Twitter seemed like the platform young people used. Of course my view is quite narrow but I’m sure others would be surprised to learn about this.

As far as I knew, Twitter was very popular with 1) journalists of all kinds, 2) politicians, 3) activists/young people living under oppressive regimes. And recently I learnt it was for writers and other professionals in the book business as well. Still, I thought young people in general belonged on that list too. It seems I may have been wrong.

Perhaps it’s a Dutch thing, perhaps youngsters all over the world are moving away from Twitter and onto the next hot platform. Any thoughts on this? Does the same seem true in other countries? And what could this next thing be? Am I already behind on the trends?


I know this is late but I wanted to talk about this event. And I was swamped with work, so apologies. Next one will be the banana bread recipe, 2 days from now (hopefully)


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