Sum 41’s 13 Voices

Yesterday I was banned from the kitchen because we eat too much sugar (apparently) so I am afraid I cannot post my birthday cake recipe for the sole reason I haven’t made it. But fear not, I have some tried and true recipes saved for future blog posts. This one, however, will focus on something else entirely: music.

I have been a Sum 41 fan for over a decade now. Their music helped me through some tough times and they never let me down. After Screaming Bloody Murder I was excited for the next one, and here it is, 5 years later. 13 voices.

For those of you unfamiliar with the band, they are a rock band with pop and punk influences. Their songs have meaning (deeper than a woe my brokem heart, though there’s nothing wrong with that) and many are a ‘fuck you’ to society. They are unhappy with society and vocal about it.

Today happens to be my birthday and the first gift I opened was their CD. It’s a beauty.


It consists of 10 songs, including the pre-released Fake My Own Death, War, and God Save Us All (Death To Pop). Trust me when I say this may be the best album released this year. Each song fits perfectly with all the others, and they never fail to chill my spine.

Not many bands have been able to so consistently bring me to tears with their music. I can’t choose a favourite album of theirs, let alone a song, but Sum 41 sure as hell deserves a place in my top 3 of favourite bands of all time.

To be honest, I could talk about Sum 41 and music in general all day. I will spare you, but I hope I inspired you to at least check them out on Youtube.

What do you think? Are you a Sum 41 fan? What was your favourite album of 2016?


Author: arthurduchannes

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