Rant about people who think I’m stupid

Today I got a haircut. Big whoop, right? The problem is that I’m dissatisfied. Not because the haircut is ugly, because it isn’t, ir because the hairdresser was incompetent, because she wasn’t, but because she didn’t listen to me. She heard me tell her I wanted it a certain length, then told me she didn’t think it was a good idea. I assured her I had it that length before and loved it and stupidly assumed she would listen to me and do what I asked her to do. I was paying her after all. Instead she left it too long. Twice.

I get it, I really do. She went to school and specialised in this so naturally she’s the expert, not me. Getting advice from people who you think don’t know what they’re talking about is frustrating. However, they pay you to do what they tell you to do. It’s your job.

If I hired a plumber to move a pipe in my bathroom, I would expect them to do what I asked. Perhaps they think I didn’t need to move it or that it would make more sense to move it elsewhere, and that’s okay. I even urge them to voice their opinion. But if I tell them to do it my way I expect them to do so without complaint. I pay them to listen to me and follow my instructions. They may think I’m an ignorant, arrogant bastard but I still expect them to do as I asked. Because it’s their job. Maybe I asked them because I had my reasons. Maybe I am just an ignorant fool. It’s irrelevant.

I could hire a make up artist and ask them to use pink lipstick. They may think red would look better with my complexion or hair colour but they should still use pink because I asked them to, regardless of my reasons for asking. Maybe I was thinking of wearing something in a colour that didn’t match with red and maybe I just wanted to push my opinion. It’s irrelevant, and they should do as I asked.

The same goes for hairdressers. They probably know better than me but I expect them to listen to me anyway. Because there is a chance, no matter how small, that I did my fucking research and know what I want. And even if I’m an utter fool, I still expect them to do what I pay them for. If I’m going to look like a fool, I want it to be because of ME. At least that way I can learn from my mistakes.

I’m not as clueless as you might think, regardless of how seemingly outrageous my request. I pay you. Treat me with respect.


Author: arthurduchannes

Writer, lover of food, interested in a little bit of everything

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