My apologies – blog on hold

Hi all,

I know there aren’t many people who read this blog but I think it would still be only fair for me to apologise now and let everyone know what’s going on.

2016 has been a rough year for many people, present company included. In order to clean up some of last year’s mess, I decided to really focus on working towards my goals in 2017.

It will be lucky if I get to write at all this year. For this reason I set my writing goal very low, at only 2 chapters (or 2000-6000 words) a month. Any more is truly a bonus.

I set my reading goal low too. 12 books, with an optional 12, and a bonus book if I manage all 24. This may seem like a lot but it includes winter holidays, summer holidays, a trip to Budapest, and many long hours on the train.

The blog is simply an extra responsibility that I cannot handle right now. I always set the bar too high for myself, pushing me until I’m near a burn-out. Even now my schedule is ambitious. I’m a perfectionist at heart, always hardest on myself, but it is time to learn to take care of myself or I won’t be able to function properly.

Balance has always been important for me, as I need deadlines but also plenty of downtime. Unfortunately I’ve been so stressed I haven’t accomplished much of anything over the past year. My family life is tense, my friendships are on the verge of crumbling, as is my sanity, my professional life is more demanding than ever, and I’m generally struggling not to drown.

I thought everyone deserved some honesty here. I don’t have any valid excuses, but I do have my reasons, and it’s time for me to choose me. Starting this blog at the time I did was a terrible call on my end, the timing couldn’t have been worse, but I’m leaving it up anyway.

I will do my best to post some short stories I wrote over the past few years, just to have something up, but no more often than once a month.

Finally, I would like to thank anyone who has read any of my posts on here. You’re the only reason I kept going this long.


Author: arthurduchannes

Writer, lover of food, interested in a little bit of everything

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