Message to the Older Generations – a poem

(Scroll down for the actual poem, which may be the best poem I’ve ever written)

A week ago I was in desperate need for a distraction and turned to the internet, a constant source of entertainment (and anger, but let’s not focus on that…), where I found a bunch of quizzes on a site named Quotev. After I found out which Disney princess I most resembled (Belle and Ariel), what colour my soul is (yellow), and what Hogwarts house I truly belong in (Ravenclaw), my curiosity became too much to handle and I clicked on a BTS-related quiz. Up to this point I had never heard of BTS before, I had no interest in K-pop whatsoever (despite having lived in South Korea heh), or pop music in general, being more of a rock/punk/metal fan myself, but I actually found myself really enjoying their content.

You might have heard one of their songs. The longer I listened the more I got pulled in; their voices are amazing. Of course their dancing is incredible too, as befits a k-pop group, but what really did it for me were their lyrics. Just listen to this song (and read along to the lyrics) and you’ll know what I mean. The same is true for Not Today (the first song of theirs I listened to) and Crow-Tit (aka bepsae), which inspired this blog post. The lyrics, a perfect criticism of the generation(s) blaming Millennials for everything, reminded me of a poem I wrote myself (coincidentally while I lived in Korea) that deals with the same topic. So, without further ado, this is my poem:


Message to the Older Generation

The future is important

What will you do?

Pulled in all directions

Without a fucking clue

Grab the opportunity

The pressure is rising

Do this, do that

Leads me to despising

The very system we live in

Jobs I’ll never have

I said I don’t want this

Are you going deaf?

Listen to my wishes

Do I have a choice?

Don’t want it to be a drag

Don’t we deserve a voice?

All focus on economy

Where is the joy?

Let us go our own way

My life’s not a toy

We’ll make our own mistakes

Go against the herd

We might surprise you

Ours is the world

So let us do ours

Just leave us be

Only one knows what’s best

And that person is me.


Author: arthurduchannes

Writer, lover of food, interested in a little bit of everything

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