About me

Too capricious for any kind of updating schedule, I post things rather infrequently. Arthur Duchannes is one of my many pseudonyms, chosen because the writer inside me answers to it.

I’m a millennial (on the young end of the category) with a passion for languages, writing, travel, music, and food, though most of my blog posts appear to be poetry-related.

I am by no means versed in poetry (pun kind of intended) so my style is more laid-back and free-flowing as most of my inspiration stems from music. If you’re into a more traditional, restricted type of poetry you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

I was born in The Netherlands to Yugoslavian parents (back when that was still a country) and as a result I don’t really identify with either but that’s okay because all other aspects of my identity are equally unclear to me.

There’s really only one thing I firmly believe in: don’t assume; ask. I question everything else, including existence itself, but this is something I stand behind and will continue to preach until someone convinces me otherwise.

I’m pretty open-minded so if you want to talk about something, feel free to message me. As long as you’re not obviously trolling, I’m willing to discuss almost anything, whether our viewpoints match or not. Actually, I’m known to indulge the occasional troll too if I’m bored enough and feel my debating skills need polishing.

To get in touch:

Email me at arthurduchannes[at]hotmail[dot]com


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It’s not hard to find me on Wattpad either, though I don’t really post on there.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated. (Be as harsh as you need.)

Have a lovely day.