This is the post excerpt.


My name is Arthur Duchannes, and this is my first blog post ever (as you can probably tell). I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing yet, but I have recently discovered that agents and publicists alike prefer writers having blogs, to show they are willing to work hard, to already create a platform with an audience, and to make it easier for fans and interviewers alike to contact them. Now I am nowhere near the point of having fans, but I decided to start early.

My main passion is writing, so that will be the main focus of this blog. I recently finished writing, editing, and formatting my first ever novel. It is called ‘Til Death and centers around a young cop named Nasim Alfarsi, who struggles to gain his colleagues’ respect. You can expect blog posts about this book, but also about everything else I’m working on and writing in general. I’m still figuring out what people want to read about and what I am comfortable sharing, so bear with me.

However, I get excited about other things too. One topic I will likely be unable to refrain from posting about is food, and baked goods in particular. At this point it’s a hobby for me, but I love sharing recipes with others, so don’t be surprised if one pops up on occasion. Other than this, I don’t know yet. This is the beginning of an entirely new adventure for me, and I am excited to share it with whomever stumbles upon this blog.